2021 JASAT Submission Guidelines

Founded in 1956, the American Studies Association of Texas is the regional association of the national American Studies Association for the Texas area. It aims to promote studies in a vast number of disciplines and subjects concerned with American studies. 

Every year, the American Studies Association of Texas holds a conference in which the Journal of The American Studies Association of Texas or the JASAT is published and covers a great number of topics. Membership is open to anyone residing within the United States of America and not just to those near Texas.

The Journal of The American Studies Association of Texas is currently accepting submissions for its next publication. If you are interested in having your work included in this year’s run, please be guided accordingly by the following details.

Submission Requirements

You will be required to submit at least three (3) documents:

The first is a short professional sketch that includes your job title and university affiliation. This document must not exceed 100 words.

A title page that includes all necessary contact information such as phone number, email address, residential address, and the like.

Finally, a manuscript that includes only the title of the submission. The journal adheres to a blind review process meaning that all articles will be received by the reviewers without knowledge of the author’s name. If applicable, please provide documentation of your bibliography.

Article Specifics

The Journal of American Studies Association of Texas accepts both essays or articles and creative works as submissions.

  • Essays and articles must explore a theme relevant to American Studies and be written in comprehensive US English in the third person with an active voice, in a style accessible to an audience with interdisciplinary inclinations. 
    • The piece must maintain a tone appropriate for scholarly audiences and refrain from language or themes that may be deemed inflammatory or discriminatory. 
    • For formatting, the submission must be 15-20 pages, double spaced in Times New Roman font, size 12. 
    • Please Include all pertinent Bibliographic information. Note that this does not count toward your 15-page minimum. Text that does not meet the 15-page minimum will be considered underdeveloped and consequently rejected.
  • Creative works such as fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry will be considered for entry as long as they explore American Studies-related themes.
    • Fiction and creative non-fiction works must be 10-15 pages. This may need editing to account for space.
    • Poetry up to 5 pages maximum. Multiple poems are allowed as long as they are within the 5 pages allotted.

For both types of entry, the Journal of American Studies Association of Texas strictly adheres to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide.

How to Submit

Please ensure that all requested documents follow the above guidelines. All submissions to the Journal of American Studies Association of Texas must not be previously published or submitted for publication while under review by the JASAT staff.

Documents must be created in MS Word format and sent as one attachment to the appropriate editor:

For Creative Works and Artwork: Cassy_Burleson@baylor.edu

For non-fiction works: Mia_Moody@baylor.edu

You will receive a notification that your submission was received within 72 hours. If your submission is accepted for a future issue or the current year’s publication, you will be notified within 60 days of the review or no later than May 31st of the submission year.

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