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2015 ASAT
Conference and Events
Sam Houston State University,
Huntsville, Texas

Saturday, November 14

Session G1: Contextualizing Gender 2

A welcome light breakfast (COFFEE!) to get the final day started.

Frieda Koeninger

Mia Moody-Ramirez

Gabriela Baeza Ventura

Session G2: Contextualizing Cormac McCarthy

Nell Sullivan

Gene Young

Zachary Irvin

Session H1: Contextualizing Cultural Identity

Liz Fassih

Ymitri Mathison

Elena Popan

Session H2: Contextualizing Creative Research

Cassy Burleson

Cheryl Clements

Tannie Shannon

To finish out the meeting, a short session for closing remarks and an equally short business meeting was held, after which everyone headed for their own corner of Texas (and beyond).

James Duban
Diane Dowdy
Barbara Miles
Bill Bridges
Robert Donahoo
Carroll Nardone
Tracy Bilsing
Audrey Murfin
Lee Courtney
Helena Halmari
Cassy Burleson
Greg Giddings
Jerry Hopkins
Mia Moody-Ramirez

In addition to the presenters shown in these pages, session moderators served honorably by keeping the program on time and on target; many were presenters themselves. Finally, a roll call of institutions and individuals working in the background that made the meeting a success.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following sponsors:
The SHSU Office of Academic Affairs/Office of the Provost
The SHSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The SHSU English Department
The SHSU Honors College
The SHSU Office of Graduate Studies
Thank you to the following conference friends:
Drs. Ralph Pease and Jeff Littlejohn for their special presentations
Dr. Bob Donahoo for assistance with abstract review
Dr. Diane Dowdey and her Engl 3330 students for creation of the conference materials
Eric Clum, and Dr. Gene and Maryell Young for their musical performance