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2014 ASAT
Conference and Events
Sam Houston State University,
Huntsville, Texas

Saturday, November 15
Sessions and meetings

A casual but plentiful breakfast

The only known photograph of Barbara Miles relaxing...

Saturday morning sessions

Session with original poetry and prose interpreting America

Allison Douglass

Beth Shively

Tannie Shannon

Amanda Nowlin-O’Banion

June Zaner

Awards, Closing Remarks, and Business Meeting

English Department Chair Helena Halmari giving the awards.

The conference producers receive the well-deserved thanks of all of us.

Cassy Burleson and Mia Moody-Ramirez remind us that this year’s Journal will soon be out.

Cassy and Mia, out-going Co-Presidents, pass the gavel to President-Elect Barbara Miles. The picture is slightly blurred because these women were always moving, ever-present and ever-helpful.

The 2014 ASAT Board, meeting to keep it all on track: (from left) Greg Giddings, Barbara Miles, Mia Moody-Ramirez, Cassy Burleson, Kathleen Hudson.

Same bunch, with WebGuy slipped in. Pic courtesy of Mia and her husband.


These folks also presented at the conference but I was unable to include photos of them; my apologies.

James Adams
Robert Adams
Charles Carson
Robert Cashion
Lee Courtney
Kim Davis
Keely Disman
Robert Donahoo
Clark Elliston

Travis Franks
Kirsten Gardner
J. Anthony Guillory
R. Samuel Gwynn
Jane Hawley
Jerry Hopkins
Gary Horton
Danielle Kilgo
R. Stephen Krebbs
Olena Leipnik

Jeffrey Littlejohn
Ymitri Mathison
María Montserrat Feu-López
Michaela O’Tolle
Jason Payton
Bernadette Pruitt
Uzma Quraishi
Kimberlee Payl
Ashley Ross
April Shemak